Our campaign will abolish the time limit on prosecuting rape and sexual assault in all 50 states.


We will accomplish this through state-by-state grassroots legislative efforts in the 30 states where a statute of limitations exists


It can take survivors years to report sexual violence due to fear, stigma, and victim blaming. Time limits on prosecuting rape are a rapist's best friend and a survivor's worst nightmare.


Rape and sexual assault are serious crimes, and survivors should have every opportunity to report whenever they feel comfortable breaking their silence.


If you would like to be involved in the campaign to abolish the SOL in your state, please contact us at endrapeSOL@gmail.com.


We offer (free) step-by-step assistance in local campaign development including branding your campaign, creating your website, establishing a social media presence, recruiting volunteers, finding legislators to propose a bill to abolish the SOL, and actions you can take to get this bill signed into law. 


Because justice knows no time limit. #EndRapeSOL