Our History

ERSOL National was formed after the grassroots campaign End Rape SOL successfully abolished the time limit on prosecuting rape in California. Organizers then decided to take the campaign national. End Rape SOL was started by legendary feminist and LGBT rights activist Ivy Bottini. Ivy called a group of like-minded activists together in July of 2015, and word of this campaign quickly spread to anti-violence activists throughout the state. The campaign was co-chaired by Caroline Heldman, an associate Professor of Politics at Occidental College in Los Angeles.  


Rape Justice Now Steering Committee

The steering committee provides leadership for the coordinated grassroots efforts. This group works with ally organizations and a host of dedicated volunteers to achieve our mission.

 Ivy Bottini, Co-Chair



Dr. Caroline Heldman, Co-Chair



Lili Bernard

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Chelsea Byers 

Chelsea Byers


Karen Andros Eyres

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Susie Spite